One year later :)

hi everyone !! It has been a little over a year since LivCloser has started and we didn't update alot on our site because we have been working hard on the game! We have had our ups and downs and we are still have a lot of improvements to make to the game to were we want it to be, but rest assured that everything is coming together quite nicely. Many people has already play tested our game and their help , advice and opinions are valuable to us to help push the development of a world in which everyone can feel relaxed and at ease.

If you take a look at the overall developing of LivCloser we have many different features but this is just the beginning of what we will have to offer.

- you can already connect and play multiplayer,

- chat with in-game people that are connected to our game,

- dance,

- play emotes,

- you can visit different people in different places,

- you can move around freely in this 3D social game,

- listen to and enjoy music, videos ...

Then if you want to test and want to be part of our game you can ask for free access to the premium version of our game ( the premium upgrade is free for those who ask for it ). The premium version includes the following: - it has customization features for each avatar and you will see they are very extensive, with this feature you'll be able to create the avatar of your dreams that's thanks to the multitude of possibilities can be very unique. - We also added a new system of ( fit clothing ) that will always allow you to directly change your style of clothing. - We are currently working and integrating better animations with more interactions and realism

We already started to make parties for test and it has runned pretty nicely :

Remember you can register anytime to test the game for yourself and give us your input and personal feedback of your experience on our game and we will work hard to give you a enjoyable game experience.

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